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Overview Of Cutting Boards

Despite all the current warnings from manufacturers, many cooks do not pay attention to cutting boards, and in vain! These are also important items in the chef’s profession, it is important to be able to choose them: it will extend the life of your Professional kitchen chef knives and protect you and your family from accidental contamination with germs.

A true knife & knives says: “When I go on duty, even the fallen leaves in the garden take on meaning – they whisper of changes to come.” Coming back to the kitchen project, let’s repeat this wisdom: like a cutting board, it has its meaning!

Choose a cutting board: wood, plastic, or glass

Consider each option separately. This will allow us to weigh all the pros and cons in each case.


A wooden cutting board is very convenient, it does not dull the blade, and in the case of a rare type of wood, it even smells pleasant while working. However, this is where the problem arises: the tree can, even slightly, affect the taste of the product. In addition, by absorbing water, wood fibers begin to rot and become a source of bacteria – this is very dangerous, especially in catering establishments, which is why cafeterias and restaurants never use wooden cutting boards. do not use However, you can buy such a board – for fruits and vegetables, dry it thoroughly after use, do not wash it in the dishwasher, and under no circumstances try to cut fish or meat.


Steel to decouper in plastic seems to be the best option for me toutes celles que l’on peut acheter dans n’importe que the magazine – they are hypoallergenic (dans la plupart des cas), n’endommagent pas les couteaux et sont très très faciles à cleaning. Experts recommend buying thick plastic cutting boards, so you can be sure they won’t bend or warp during operation.

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Not immediately, forget this option. We’ll talk about that a little later, but for now, try to inspire yourself with a simple thought: You can’t cut glass!

After studying the main options, you can easily choose according to your needs. It is important to remember here that a good cutting board can last a long time, while a bad one will have to be replaced very quickly, so you should not save at the cost of your comfort.

Why are glass cutting boards dangerous?

This section will be of interest to young cooks: if you are going to buy a glass cutting board or you already have one at home, you may want to brush up on your knowledge of these products. Will be.

Glass corrodes steel, any steel, even multi-layered Damascus glass is brutally opaque on the surface. So you should never buy a glass cutting board despite all its advantages (beautiful appearance, durability, perfect hygiene). Better to buy a plastic cutting board, it will be a wise decision.

Reference Cutting Boards

knife & knives artisans make professional polypropylene cutting boards, the best choice on the market today. Polypropylene is a heat-resistant plastic. Advantages of boards made of this material:

  • Completely hygienic, the surface is not able to absorb water, with which pathogens and infections usually come;
  • One-piece structure – does not bend, but does not break under pressure;
  • Practical: Each board is equipped with a specially designed drain to drain excess liquid.
  • Knives don’t dull: Polypropylene cutting boards are smoother than metal.
  • They are not afraid of high temperatures, that is, they do not melt even if they accidentally fall under the fire of the burner;
  • Do not slip on the table surface.
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knife & knives polypropylene cutting boards will become your reliable assistant in everyday culinary battles. knife & knives are American quality and reliability that have survived for centuries. Read more: Insurance


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